How To Get Into Property Investment UK?

The UK is at a time where it is very feasible to buy suitable investment properties, if you are looking for a timely and wise investment you will need to make the best decisions to bring the rewards that doing so makes possible. Before answering how to get into property investment UK a brief look at why doing so makes sense from an investment point of view is in order.

Why Invest in UK Property?

Property investment in the UK has historically been seen as a strong stable investment that wins over time. This viewpoint is still very valid today and looks to be one that will remain so for the foreseeable future. This is a great starting point for an investor, what makes the UK’s property market so rich for investors is the diversity in ownership options that can be utilised to take advantage of the historically strong and stable investment opportunities it provides. With each method there are different levels of both time and financial commitments, careful thought should be given to the methods you feel fulfill your wishes before getting started on how to get into property investment UK.

How To Get Into Property Investment UK

If you are interested in property investment in the UK then researching the different options available to you will help you make clear informed decisions. Although there are multiple routes available to property ownership and investment in the UK we will cover the main ones as follows;

Investing in a Buy-to-Let Property

Buy-to-let properties that yield a rental income are a popular way of getting into property investment in the UK. It is a good time to get into the buy-to-let market as rental prices are beginning to see increases with the recent rises in the general cost of living. Buy-to-lets offer the possibility to invest either your own money, that of a mortgage company, or a combination of the two on a single property. Buy to let's are best looked at as a longer-term investment, but with the correct market conditions short-term gains can be very impressive indeed. But it is for the longer-term market that most investors will look to the buy-to-let sector. This can make it easier to use a mortgage company’s money alongside your own to make an investment that you do not intend to liquidate for several years. Historically buy-to-lets purchased in this way have provided strong returns for the owners and investors involved.

Returns on your investment are delivered in two ways by a buy-to-let property. The property you purchase is rented and this provides an income stream that can be used to either show as a profit to an investor or be used to pay the monthly payments on a buy-to-let mortgage. The percentages of rent to mortgage ratio will vary on the interest rate and the amount borrowed VS. the achievable rental value. Historically this has meant investors have used the rental yield to be able to successfully pay off the mortgage and retain the property acceptance which over time historically increased in value in its own right. There are costs to be taken into consideration and the viability of any predictions needs to be considered carefully before embarking upon a buy-to-let property as your ability to retain your investment will involve keeping up with the costs involved including mortgage payments.

A letting agent can make the process smooth and seamless, but at a modest fee that should be considered in your calculations. Historically investors in UK property have used the rental yield on one property to help them obtain a further mortgage on a second and have been able to amass large property portfolios in the process.

Property Development

Before discussing the different routes into property development in the UK, if you are considering an investment, make sure you understand the details and any risks associated with the investment. Property development can be a better avenue for investors looking for shorter-term gains and those that are willing to do a little work along the way to add value to their investment.

Gains can be made by purchasing existing tired housing stock and making significant improvements, Bringing homes up to a modern standard of decoration and efficiency adds significant value in the correct locations. This method of buying property and significantly improving it before reselling once the work is complete is a popular way for people to invest their money in property because it is less of a long-term commitment.  The work done to a home to increase value will vary on a case-by-case basis, but in general, investors have found success with the following formats.

With a change in our working habits comes a change in our needs from the accommodation. This modernisation of relevant properties to reflect modern living styles is one area that is seeing investor returns. These investments should not be entered into lightly, although costs can be estimated and quotes obtained the element of chance still exists and unforeseen issues can require rapid resolutions if they are not to impede the viability of a project. The use of a reputable contractor to carry out work is of prime importance as they are often the backbone of such projects.

Buying a tired property via auction or a conventional estate agent sale is an accessible and popular route into property development. The requirements are to purchase a property below its market value because it is tired and bring it up to spec with a mixture of your efforts and those of local tradesmen, careful budget control is required to maximise your investment but this can prove a sound choice for those with some basic DIY skills and time on their hands to carry out the basic work needed.

Getting into Property Investment

The good news is that whatever your current financial status if you’re looking at how to get into property investment UK there are plenty of avenues for you to choose from. From raising funds to buying the right property there are plenty of ways to take your first step onto the property investment ladder.

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